Clean Sweep

With anti bacterial and anti fungal properties this shoe spray is a must in every household. Use it once weekly to have a germ free environment in your shoes.

Deep Healing Foot Cream

If you are struggling with dry cracked heels, this formula is designed just for you. It is highly recommended to treat and maintain dry cracked skin and is also diabetic friendly.

Very Dry Skin Formula

This non greasy moisturizer is heaven for your skin as it nurtures it with hydration that doesn’t leave a mark on your floor.

Bunion nightsplints

These comfortable, easy to use, padded night-splints are designed to relieve pain in your bunions and help realign the joint to help prevent growth of your bunion.

Blacks files

Are you someone who suffers from pressure under your nails? If so, this is the product for you. Created with stainless steel, a black’s file is a long, narrow file that is safe and easy to use by oneself for under the nail. Help relieve your pain with this file.


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