Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetics are likely to develop foot complications because of their inability to maintain their sugar levels. This puts them at risk for developing wounds and ulcers in their lower limbs and increases their chances of amputation which can be lethal. It is essential for patient's with diabetes to see a podiatrist on a regular basis.
Diabetic Exams and High Risk Screenings

At Active Podiatry and Orthotics we provide a comprehensive diabetic foot assessment which includes a dermatologic, vascular, neurological and biomechanical assessment.

Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks are seamless socks, that help prevent ulceration or wounds in the lower limb. These seamless socks will not cause any pressure points on Diabetic skin and are proven helpful with temperature regulation.

Compression Stockings for Diabetic Patients
Patients with diabetes are likely to develop complications due to the poor circulation in the lower limbs. Diabetic friendly compression stockings are measured to fit, will help improve circulation and prevent ulcerations or wounds as well as reduce swelling in the legs. Utmost care is considered when patients with diabetes are measured for compression to ensure proper fit.
Diabetic Orthotics
Diabetic custom made orthotics decrease your chances of ulceration by redistribution of pressure, and decrease the bacterial load on your feet in shoes. The modules used to create this device ensure the utmost comfort for your diabetic feet and improve your quality of life.
Laser Therapy
Laser therapy is an anti-inflammatory light that helps improve blood flow to the local area being treated. It can also help with tingling in your feet from neuropathy, helping you regain feeling in your feet.

Foot Care for Seniors and High Risk Patients

Patients who have difficulty reaching down to their feet, thick and discolored nails, Toenails that are difficult to trim or you notice changes to your skin, chances are you need to be seeing a podiatrist/ foot specialist.