Children’s Feet

The following explains the various treatments for any Children’s Feet in your feet.
Flat Feet

Your child’s feet may appear flat when they are young. It Is the degree of flatness that needs to be assessed to know if they will grow out of this flat foot as they get older. They can also experience hip pain, knee pain and back pain.

Pigeon Toeing/ In-toeing

Comes either from the thigh, shin bone or a curved foot. This can permanently affect your child’s gait. Their walking and running can be clumsy and this type of walking can affect the hip joint.

Curling Toes

When your child’s toes curl over another one, this may affect their balance or gait when walking or running and can cause clumsiness.

Growing Pains

Often times many feel that growing pains are a normal part of a child’s development, when actually active children are more susceptible to a condition called Sever’s disease which is inflammation of the growth plate and can cause similar symptoms. “Growing pains” can be a symptom of an underlying condition and should be diagnosed by a specialist.

Heel Pain

Children can be affected by a condition called Sever’s disease, where there is inflammation of the growth plate in a child’s foot. This can cause pain in the heels when a child is very active.

Pediatric Orthotics

These orthotics help to redistribute body weight evenly, give the foot the proper support that it needs and help to realign the foot. They are essential when your child has a flat foot or high arch, to help them correct their gait. Our podiatrists will provide a complete biomechanical examination and an analysis of gait to help design custom orthotics that will be comfortable and beneficial for your child.