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This was my first experience with a Podiatrist. Very happy with the care I received and my new orthotics. - Scott I.

Very happy with my new orthotics. Also Dr Balouch is a very personable lady who made sure I was educated about the care of my feet. - Gwen Z.

I experienced excellent service and advice. Dr. Balouch is kind friendly and helpful. She listens well and is interested in improving my foot health. - Barb P.

I decided to book to get help with my foot and hip pain. I was able to get an appt quickly and a plan was made for me. The clinic was always on time and very efficient. I have my new orthotics and my pain has almost disappeared. Back to walking, golfing, yard work. Dr. Balouch is down to earth and so easy to talk to. - Candice

Dr Balouch and the rest of the staff at Active Podiatry were great! Dr Balouch was able to give me 3 recommendations to improve the health of my feet which I have since implemented. My feet have been blister-free since! - Neysa W.

Hi, Just wanted to share my experience at the podiatry clinic for my foot treatment Dr. Balouch was fantastic and very helpful. The staff were friendly and the care was top-notch, and I left feeling satisfied. Thank you to all of you! - Chaila

Cool new facility in town. Excellent staff and medical care. I highly recommend this practice. - Atiq B.

What a professional, expert, and caring podiatrist. Thank you!- Andrea W.

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Balouch. I was so impressed with her service and am grateful to her. I recently made an appointment for my mother in law who is a diabetic and was suffering from foot pain and subsequently back pain. There were various concerns we had for my mother in law’s health and I was unsure how efficiently I was going to be able to explain to my mother in law the findings and treatment suggestions due to a language barrier. Dr. Balouch not only took a considerable amount of time explaining diabetic foot care, precautions, and solutions to my mother in law’s discomfort- but she asked what language my mother in law spoke and was able to explain everything to her in a common language and ensure that my mother in law was able to receive and provide the information and clarification she needed. Since our appointment, Dr. Balouch’s diagnosis and recommendations on treatment have allowed my mother in law to be relatively pain free and make improvement in her foot health and overall quality of life. Thank you so much Dr. Balouch and your wonderful team!! - Jessica H.

Prompt friendly service, knowledgeable staff. – Richard W.

I am extremely satisfied with the care I received at Active Podiatry. Dr Balouch was so thorough in her assessment and helpful. I highly recommend this clinic! - Barb U.

Thorough and professional attention, caring people and a pleasant atmosphere. Thank you! - Debra JC

Great doctor, great staff. Would recommend ! - Glenn B.

Really professional and helpful care. Accurate and helpful with measuring and fitting for orthotics. Good follow up care. - Jamie

I have been a patient of Dr. Balouch for a few years now. She is amazing, professional and has a 'gentle touch' treating my ingrown toenails. Her staff are very welcoming and courteous. I'm so thankful to have her as my podiatrist. My husband and my daughter are now patients of hers and have nothing but good things to say. - Nancy D.

My doctor referred me to Dr. B because the plantar fasciitis that I had was crippling me. I could barely stand let alone walk- the only way I could walk was on my tip toes. It felt like I had a rusty nail driven into my heels and I never thought it would go away. After a few months of treatments, stretches, and custom orthotics, my feet have ZERO pain. I used to have to crawl to the bathroom in the morning. Now I jump out of bed and have completely forgotten the pain I lived with. She legit is a miracle worker. But ONLY IF YOU LISTEN TO HER AND and do exactly what she says !!!!! Oh and btw. Her treatments were painless. - Erin H. 

The Clinic was recommended and I have been very pleased. Dr Balouch is thorough and offers excellent standard of care. I’m thankful for the recommendation that I received and would not hesitate to go back to her in the future if the need arises. - Jonathan D.

Wonderful and cheerful staff. Helping me heal. Thanks. - Steve Fish

The Doctor was so friendly, the service was excellent! - Amber C.

The doctor is very knowledgeable and friendly. Great with kids. Receptionist was great as well. - Tonia L.

Very positive experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Balouch and her clinic. - Wayne B.

Dr. Balouch is competent and friendly, as are her staff. It's a pleasure to deal with them. - Lorne F.

fantastic staff, professional and friendly doctor. I would recommend active podiatry to anyone looking for a great experience! - Daniel S.

So glad I found Active Podiatry & Orthotics! Great staff and great service! Punctual, friendly and knowledgeable! - Suzanne S.

Great atmosphere ! The doctor was very knowledgeable. Did a shockwave treatment , cured me from a horrible heel pain for a reasonable price!! - Ayan T. 

Dr Sadaf is very knowledgeable and professional. Both the staff members are nice, caring and helpful . I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for orthotics and podiatry. - Nikhil S. 

Wonderful clinic and staff! I strongly recommend. - Daniela

They were very helpful and my feet feel great , great job thanks. - Gerry L.

I experienced qualified and friendly caring from Dr. Balouch. - Tracy C.

My size 5.5's are happy to be able to wear their fabulous shoes again : ) Lovely staff, lovely clean clinic. Fab location too - wish I'd visited sooner! - Colleen E.

Dr. Balouch is awesome. She is so good with my elderly father and he loves to see her. She is very professional and does a great job with all our foot issues. - Janice H. 

I highly recommend this place!! Dr. Balouch is awesome and so are the girls in the office!! I looked forward to my visits there for laser treatments for Plantar Fasciitis. Dr. Balouch also had custom orthotics made for me as well. I would recommend this place to anyone as my foot pain is finally gone and you couldn't ask for better service from these lovely ladies! I'm going to miss seeing them all! - Pamela R.

The staff and doctors are the most friendly, engaging and professional I have had the privilege to be served by. I always look forward to my appointments here and would highly recommend them for any podiatry concerns. - Jan A.

Excellent foot care services. Wonderful staff and very professional clinic which exceeded all expectations. - Krista S.

The pleasant and friendly atmosphere of the whole clinic made me feel comfortable and welcomed. The expertise and knowledge of the podiatrist is evident, and they are able to explain information in the easiest of terms. - Kim A.

Before being referred here I was having wicked lower back pain for years. The muscle right above my tailbone would seize up regularly, and eventually the pain spread to my hips and knees. I ultimately ended up with a pinched nerve in my hip and chronic inflammation around several discs. My massage therapist told me I wasn't dealing with a slipped disc yet, but if I didn't figure this out I would be. She called in a physiotherapist who, to my surprise, said all my problems were because I was walking wrong. I was referred to Active Podiatry and the doctors I saw were wonderful, got me fitted for the orthotics quickly and man - the difference is night and day! My back no longer has chronic pain, no more disc inflammation and my retail work doesn't leave me hurting at the end of every day. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking podiatry services. - Rebecca K.

Dr Balouch is amazing. Nice and caring dr and staff and good atmosphere recommended to go there 👍 - Amtul S.

She is a very patient and nice doctor, explain everything well, professional. all the staffs are very friendly as well. - LiuQing S.

Dr. Balouch is very professional. Her staff is very friendly and her place is impeccably clean. I would certainly recommend it to friends and family! - Alba C.

Dr. Balouch is very smart and hardworking. I love her passion for podiatry. She always goes above and beyond for her patients. - Krina S.

I've had a heel spur for 10 years, gradually it got unbearable even w proper footwear and maintaining my weight. I seen the doctor for Shockwave therapy trying to avoid cortisol and surgery and I am absolutely amazed. In two treatments I've experienced drastic improvement and will follow up w 6 treatments as I know this works. Thank you! - Shaman T.

Easiest 5 stars I’ve ever given! Dr. Balouch is incredible. Can’t recommend her more! - Laura S.

I can not recommend Dr. Balouch enough! She very well be may be the kindest, most thorough and compassionate doctor I've ever had. I feel very lucky to have her in our city. Her office staff are equally welcoming! Seriously, 10/10 would recommend. - Sarah P.  

Dr Balouch was my husband's Podiatrist for many years in Ontario. She is exceptional and we dearly miss her. - Mateen A.

I have always felt comfortable at Active Podiatry. The podiatrist and staff are very helpful. The orthotics that I have ordered are very good. - Gloria N.

This place is very respectful to their clients! Very knowledgeable doctors as well! Definitely recommend for anyone having foot troubles ! - Brianne H.

I got my orthotics 2weeks ago and I’m so happy with that :) Dr Balouch and her staff are amazing! I strongly recommend her clinic. - Juliana R.

I had a great experience at Active Podiatry, Dr. B is amazing and helped me deal with a case of plantar fasciitis that I've been fighting since the summer. The new orthotics she prescribed and fitted have made a dramatic improvement! - Ginelle P.

Active Podiatry and Orthotics is the best place in the city for foot care. Dr. Balouch is fantastic, and the office environment is positive. Staff really care about patients. I highly recommend this clinic. - Mubasher A.

Dr. Balouch is an absolutely amazing doctor, and I am so thankful I found this clinic. She is knowledgeable and so caring, and the staff are very friendly. Honestly, she is a gem of a doctor, I would highly recommend this clinic and Dr. Balouch to anyone. - Alyson

I am beyond thrilled to have found Dr. Balouch for my foot care. Dr. Balouch was so attentive and kind, solving pain in my arches I have had for years. She even took care of my ingrown toenails with no pain! I am so extremely grateful to have her in my community. I wouldn't go to, or recommend anyone else other than Dr. Balouch! Hands down the best Podiatrist in Saskatchewan! - Sarah B.

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Balouch. She is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. The staff she employs are equally as excellent as she is. We are very fortunate to have such a caring doctor in this city. - Katelyn B.

I receive thorough diabetic foot care from Dr. Balouch in a timely manner. Her team is kind and helpful and look after me with compassion and care. Dr Balouch regularly contacts my family doctor with updates and she is the only one in the city that my doctor trusts to send his patients with foot care needs. I recommend this practice. - Ghulam A.

Dr. Balouch is very bubbly and outgoing. She cares about her patients and is very knowledgeable. My feet were in severe pain when I had my first consult. She recommended shockwave therapy and orthotic insoles. After a few treatments, orthotics and an exercise regime my feet are virtually pain free! I highly recommend Dr. Balouch! Her staff are very friendly as well. - D Schomms

Amazing work from Dr. S. Balouch and the friendly staff! Quick and easy while also hearing about my flat feet issues and discussing everything about healing them. Came in because of a foot injury on top of that, a month with my orthotics all the pain from my feet and injury feel as if it’s almost gone. My posture and my lower back pain is improving as well. Thank you Dr. S. Balouch! - Nicole V.

I was very impressed with my experience at Active Podiatry with Dr. Balouch. The appointment started on time, she was friendly and professional, she actually read and discussed my history/intake form with me, actively assessed my feet and my gait, and provided a no-nonsense assessment that was easy to understand. What also impressed me was that Dr. Balouch did not try to upsell me. She looked at all the shoes I brought with me and was honest, stating that I had good quality shoes and didn't require custom-built orthotics. She gave me some exercises to do at home for a few months and if the problem doesn't go away to come back to her. She's not like many professionals that just try to keep you coming back for repeat appointments (chiropractors) or sell you stuff that they have for sale in their offices (chiropractors). I definitely have no problem recommending Dr. Balouch to anybody who requires competent, professional podiatric services. - Big Al

I can't say enough about this practice! Friendly staff and Dr. Balouch is amazing! She is professional and personable. I ordered Orthotics and also offered a discount for a second pair. You can tell that she cares about her patients! - Renae F.

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Balouch and the team at Active Podiatry. She has literally helped me achieve pain-free walking and relief from back and hip pain. Professional, friendly, caring and obviously concerned about my physical health. I would highly recommend anyone who is having issues with foot and/or leg care to seek a consultation. I've just received my 2nd pair of custom foot orthotics and they fit perfectly! EXCELLENT care in my opinion. - Theressa B.

I received effective and efficient treatments at this clinic. Dr. Balouch and her team are friendly and approachable. I have referred friends and colleagues to this practice and they also appreciated the care. Thank you for your help. - Mazhar A.

I got a pair of custom insoles made and after the break in period I now wear the insoles in my work boots for a minimum of 10 hours per day and no longer suffer from sore feet throughout and at the end of the day! They feel so good. Looking forward to testing out the durability over time and see how long they will last! Thanks again Active Podiatry! - Joseph B.

Dr. Balouch at Active Podiatry is the best podiatrist in Saskatoon. I've been dealing with her for over 3 years and am very satisfied. She is very knowledgeable and has helped me with my foot problems. She is very personable. She has a very nice staff who makes one feel very welcome. I have no hesitation in recommending her.  - Jeannine S.

Dr. Balouch is spectacular. She really cares about her patients. She offers an array of services and skills. She is thorough with her treatment and works hard to help people feel better from the ground up. Her team is friendly and easy to communicate with. Highly recommended. - Jane McWhirter

This clinic is absolutely amazing! Dr. Balouch is extremely knowledgeable and caring. The staff is super friendly and professional. I've been looking for a good podiatry clinic for a long time, and I can finally say I found it. I strongly recommend it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - Henry P.