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Custom Foot Orthotics

Prescribed by our foot specialists, these high quality, comfortable, custom products are designed to take pressure off your plantar fascia, alleviate your present heel pain and have the highest rates of effectiveness for plantar fasciitis. Insuring proper offloading also means that it is less likely to reoccur. We specialize in custom pediatric, diabetic, sports and dresswear custom foot orthotics.

Cold Laser Therapy

An anti-inflammatory light that improves tissue repair and reduces pain/ inflammation in your foot and ankle. This therapy treats the local area and improves circulation to the area to help you heal faster. Laser therapy is a pain free treatment that has no side effects or downtime after therapy.

Swift Microwave Therapy

SWIFT Microwave Therapy treatments are approved by Health Canada and are used to treat verrucae- also known more commonly as plantar warts. This therapy is unique because it targets the root of the cause- the human papilloma virus (HPV). It uses microwave signals to allow your body to detect and attack the virus - triggering a natural immune response - which means for most patients, typically no down time, no residual pain, and quicker healing

Shockwave Therapy

Produces an anti-inflammatory response, enhancing blood circulation to help regenerate damaged tissue. This type of therapy accelerates the healing process with no side effects and no downtime after treatments!

Nail Avulsion Surgery

These surgeries are an option provided in clinic after a consult with our podiatrist. We offer partial nail avulsion surgeries . This procedure is used to treat persistent infection of the nail; and is performed under local anaesthetic.

Fungal Laser Therapy

Fungal Laser Therapy is a FDA approved low-laser treatment to treat nail fungus and promote healthy nail growth. It is an effective, pain-free treatment which requires no down time. It also has none of the potentially harmful side effects of oral antifungal medications.